Purell Coupon! 10% off Purell and GOJO Sale

Don’t miss out on this short term offer on Purell and GOJO hand cleaning and sanitizing products! For assistance call toll free at 1-800-975-0986. You can also use the links below to find the great Purell and GOJO products featured in this 10% off sale.

Purell coupon code to use at checkout is: PG9FEB.

For a limited time only, UtilitySafeguard.com is selling Purell and GOJO hand cleaners and sanitizers for 10% off original price! If you’re looking for germ-killing action that exceeds other brands, and you need it at the lowest price…hurry before you miss out on the savings at UtilitySafeguard.com.

This special offer for 10% off Purell and GOJO applies to the ENTIRE line available at UtilitySafeguard.com! That means you could get a Purell TFX Dispenser for just $19.79 or a 6 cartons of Purell wipes for only $18.44. Don’t forget your Purell refills for your dispenser!

GOJO hand cleaners have also been taking dirt, grime and germs off hands for more than 60 years! GOJO offers an extensive line of great-smelling hand cleaners like soaps, scrubbing wipes and antibacterial hand wash.

Hand sanitizing can also be fun with products like the Purell Pal. The Purell Pal desk caddy takes a humorous approach to killing germs and comes with an 8oz. bottle of Purell sanitizer. From classroom to office, this fun Purell sanitizing product goes anywhere.

UtilitySafeguard.com. Jacksonville, FL. 1-877-899-SAFE.