Purell & GOJO Backorder is a National Problem

Influx of Purell Orders Causes Backup with Manufacturer

If you’re looking for Purell or you have already placed an order, you know that this popular sanitizer brand is at a shortage caused by the H1N1 outbreak. All consumers looking for Purell hand sanitizer should be aware that due to H1N1, the sanitizer shortage is a national problem. Currently, many online stores have had to stop orders of Purell while they work to refill their warehouses with product. UtilitySafeguard.com, however, is still taking orders for Purell and is diligently working with GOJO, the maker of Purell sanitizer, to send out every Purell order as quickly as possible.

Most Popular Purell Items that are on Backorder

Many of the backorder issues are with highly popular Purell products. These products include the Purell TFX Dispenser, Purell TFX Stand and Purell TFX Refills. UtilitySafeguard.com is keenly aware of the backorder with GOJO (Purell’s manufacturer) and is fulfilling orders for these highly demanded products as quickly as possible. UtilitySafeguard.com would also like you to know that because of the national H1N1 crisis, you may not be able to get the Purell items you need elsewhere. If you’ve placed an order with UtilitySafeguard.com, you may not want to cancel in hopes of finding quicker service with another store. All consumers should be aware of the H1N1 concern that has caused GOJO to be inundated with orders. Patience is key as UtilitySafeguard.com works with GOJO to fulfill highly demanded orders quickly and efficiently.

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Although it is important that customers understand the Purell crisis, it is also important to know that orders WILL be fulfilled. Those who place Purell orders at UtilitySafeguard.com during the month of September 2009 will receive 10% off of most Purell items online! Use coupon code PC998 at the UtilitySafeguard.com checkout page. Visit PurellCoupon.com for more information on coupons for Purell.

Thank you for choosing UtilitySafeguard.com for your Purell needs!