Stock Up on Batteries for Emergencies

If you live in a coastal area, you know it’s the busiest time of year for hurricanes. No matter where you live, there is the potential threat for hurricanes, storms, flood, fires, tornadoes or any type of emergency. It’s important to have batteries and other supplies on hand for these instances. The best batteries to keep on hand are AA and D, which are the batteries that flashlights and other devices most often take.  We sell alkaline batteries in bulk, so you can stock up and save even more money on our wholesale prices. You should keep some batteries and flashlights in your office, home and vehicle. Be sure to also see our first aid kits and other emergency supplies. Browse our selection of industrial batteries from top brands like Energizer, Rayovac and Duracell. Get the batteries and supplies you need now, so you can be prepared for any situation.