Save on Purell this Flu Season

We’ve been bringing you a lot of information on the flu lately, and that’s because flu season officially starts tomorrow, October 1st! There are many ways you can reduce your chances of getting the flu or H1N1, which is still going to be circulating this year. As we’ve been stressing here at UtilitySafeguard, one of the best preventive measures you can take is using hand sanitizer frequently.

All schools, offices and homes should stock up on Purell for hands and to wipe down other commonly touched surfaces. Purell even manufactures touch-free dispensers so you can avoid contact and cross-contamination. In our efforts to get more Purell hand sanitizer out there, we’re offering discounts this week.

Check the coupon tab at the top of the page to save money on your next order. When you buy Purell in bulk, not only will you save money, you’ll be prepared for the entire flu season. We also sell Purell in 4 ounce bottles. This size is perfect for keeping in purses, pockets and sending with kids to school. Get the Purell you need today to stay healthy all year long!