Day/Night Barricade Tape

If you want your message to be seen clearly during the day and night, try Day/Night barricade tape. This unique caution tape from Presco has two types of lettering. Each roll has the standard printed message, like CAUTION or DANGER in thick black writing for day time use. The message is also printed in silver refractive lettering, which will stand out at nighttime.

You can find Day/Night barricade tape in several thicknesses, including 2 mil, 2.5 mil and 3 mil. Day/Night caution tape comes in many pre-printed messages, like POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS, FIRE LINE DO NOT CROSS, DANGER and of course, CAUTION.

Use caution tape for utilities, construction, crowd control and more. Day/Night barricade tape is especially useful in areas that can be potential threats anytime of day.