Coupon Savings for Full Source Stores

Are you aware of our Coupons tab in the Utility Safeguard blog? If not, look up! Click on this Coupons tab for our most recent promotion. Our deals change every week, new deals are updated on Wednesdays. This week, we are offering $5 off any order of $50 or more. While this week’s coupon features great deals on winter clothing, the $5 coupon can be applied to any order. No matter if you are stocking up on Purell hand sanitizer, safety equipment, industrial batteries, or anything else on Utility Safeguard, you can get $5 off your order with promo code th52cs. is just one e-commerce store in the Full Source Network.,,,,, and a few other e-stores make up the Full Source Network. The promo code mentioned above can be redeemed at any Full Source Network store – not just at Utility Safeguard – so shop through all sites to find what you need. Check out details on which types of products are offered at each site here at the Full Source Network page. From apparel and performance gloves to cleaning supplies and tools, the Full Source Network encompasses about 50,000 different products.

Check back frequently to the Utility Safeguard blog for more promotions and coupons on all kinds of products.