First Aid Supplies

Make sure your work place is prepared for emergencies. Keep first aid kits and first aid supplies on hand at offices, job sites and other work environments.

The most common first aid supply is first aid kits. There are several types of first aid kits to choose from, including standard kits, unitized first aid kits and specialty first aid kits. Standard first aid kits are stocked with a variety of medical supplies like bandages, medication, burn treatments, eye wash, antiseptic wipes and other supplies. Most first aid kits and cabinets come with a recommendation for the number of people the kit can treat, usually anywhere form 10 to 200 people. Keep in mind that these numbers are recommendations, but you can choose the size you think is best for your number of employees.

Unitized first aid kits come with separate unit packages of supplies. The supplies are individually wrapped and can be ordered separately. This type of first aid kit is preferred by schools and companies that need to replenish their first aid supplies often. Specialty first aid kits are kits put together with a special purpose in mind. These specialties can include blood borne pathogens kits, contractors kits, burn treatment kits and more. Specialty first aid kits are ideal for workers in industries that may have more specific first aid needs.

The most important things about first aid kits, are to keep them fully stocked with the first aid supplies you need, and to keep your first aid kit in a well-know, accessible location. Employees should be aware of their company’s first aid supplies and how to use them.