New Products: Pyramex Safety Glasses

We recently added nearly 400 pairs of Pyramex safety glasses to Utility Safeguard. Pyramex safety glasses and Pyramex safety goggles are used in a variety of applications. Workers in construction, law enforcement, landscaping, forestry, woodworking, brazing, and medical fields are just some people who can benefit from this brand’s safety eyewear.

Different series of Pyramex safety glasses have different features. If you’re looking for adjustable nose pieces, for example, buy glasses from the Fortress, Montego, Onix, Presidente, Reatta, or Rendezvous series. Venture 3 safety glasses also have this feature. The Venture III product line offers many different lens options, including clear lenses, anti-fog lenses, silver mirror lenses, and more. If you need foam padding for your Pyramex glasses, check out safety eyewear from the Highlander, V2G, and XSG series. A pair of Pyramex safety goggles, item number G404T, also has foam padding for added comfort.

Other popular product features for this brand’s glasses and goggles include anti-fog lenses, headbands, vented frames/lenses, and eyewear that fits over prescription glasses.

If you like what Pyramex has to offer, we also carry the brand’s head protection. Check out Pyramex hard hats at Utility Safeguard.