Germs on a Plane

No they’re not snakes, but germs on a plane can be just as harmful. You can catch anything from the common cold to a serious case of the flu over the course of a three hour flight.

Where are the germs?

There are several places on planes where germs are concentrated. Use Purell wipes to wipe down surfaces as soon as you board the plane and locate your seat. Surfaces you should especially wipe down are the tray table and arm rest. You should also avoid eating any food directly off the tray table.

Another virtual breeding ground of germs is the seat pocket in front of you. If you take any reading materials or personal belongings out of the seat pocket, be sure to use Purell hand sanitizer on your hands after contact. If you use the restroom on the airplane, you’re also better off using Purell sanitizer instead of touching the sink or paper towel dispenser.

Some other helpful tips include drinking your own bottled water. Staying hydrated will make you less susceptible to illnesses and germs. Purchase a bottle of water after you go through security, or ask for bottled water on the plane with no ice. Often time ice machines on planes are using filtered tank water. This same tank water is used to brew coffee and tea on planes, and in some cases has been found to have e-coli.

If you plan on using a pillow or blanket on the plane, it’s best to bring your own. You can’t completely avoid germs or fellow passengers on a plane, but with some Purell hand wipes and a few smart practices, you can do your best to land with all your luggage, and your health!