Stay Cool with MiraCool

It’s finally August, but the summer heat has yet to go away. One way to stay cool while working in the sun is by wearing MiraCool products, such as bandanas, headbands, and tie hats. All you need to do is soak the product in water for ten to twenty minutes and it’s ready to go!

MiraCool products keep you cool through the process of evaporative cooling. As the water stored in the product evaporates, it creates a cooling effect that helps to keep you cool. Regular bandanas and headbands that have been soaked in water evaporate quickly, giving the user only a few minutes of cooling. MiraCool cooling products are filled with polymer crystals which can absorb many times their weight in water. This allows the product to work over a long period of time, sometimes even days. Once the water has completely evaporated from the product, it can be soaked again for reuse thousands of times.

Here’s some of the benefits of MiraCool bandanas, headbands, and tie hats:

  • Takes just minutes to prepare for use
  • Lasts for hours and sometimes even days
  • Does not require freezing or ice water
  • Reusable thousands of times
  • Easy, inexpensive way to stay cool

Don’t let the summer heat hinder your work. MiraCool helps you stay cool for an extended period of time for a next to nothing cost.