It’s Almost Fall, Time to Repaint The Sports Fields

With Fall just around the corner, it’s time to stock up on marking paint again! Fall also means football season is almost upon on, along with all the other sports that begin in the fall. Fields need to be repaired for the upcoming season, which includes redoing the boundary lines. Do you know how you’re going to accomplish this task?

Field paint for sports fields comes in one of two forms. You can either use spray paint or a liquid form of paint. We offer spray paint in cases of 12 and the liquid paint in 5 gallon containers, either in concentrated or ready to use form. There are benefits to both types of paint, so make to choose the right paint type for you.

Spray paint does not deliver as much paint as does the liquid alternative, but it is initially cheaper. The striping machines that use spray paint cans are much cheaper than the machines using liquid paint, so it could potentially be several years before you can recoup your investment in a machine designed for liquid paint. We also have our current running special on Krylon athletic field spray paint. If you buy 20 cases of paint, you’ll receive a free striping machine! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Liquid paint can still save you money. It can be purchased in concentrate, so if you are willing to mix the paint yourself you can easily save money. Mixing the paint is easy, just follow the instructions and add the appropriate amount of water to the concentrate.