Teaching the Essentials with Safety Training DVDs

Keep your workers safe by teaching them the proper procedures.  You can do this easily and effectively with safety training DVDs.  These training DVDs by Convergence are short and to the point, which allows employees to learn about important topics such as fire safety, hazard communication, and ladder safety quickly, instead of wasting time on long and boring programs.  There are a variety of topics available, from very specific to general overviews.

Fire Safety

It is important for all workplaces to have an understanding of fire safety procedures, and the Fire Safety DVD Combo Pack, teaches both fire safety and fire extinguisher safety.  Even better, the total training time for both DVDs is only 37 minutes!

Job Hazard Analysis

The Personal Protective Equipment Training DVD is necessary to show to everybody who works in hazard areas were PPE is required just how crucial it is.  Employees can get frustrated with the inconvenience and uncomfortable nature of safety apparel, but this DVD will help remind them of the importance of it.

First Aid Combo Pack

First aid training is important, and there are several different training options based on what’s best for your work environment.  There are three DVDs available: First Aid for Emergencies, First Aid for Common Injuries, and First Steps in All First Aid Situations.  Or, if you want all three, you can get the First Aid Combo Pack.

So for simple, fast, and educational safety training, get Convergence safety training DVDs!  Utility Safeguard has them all, and at great low prices!